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Falcone Landscape and Construction Contractors, LLC, located in Staten Island, NY, is a well established business, with over 25 years of unmatched expertise in brick word, driveways, pavers, stoops, block work, epoxy flooring, acid staining, grinding and polishing and landscaping services. Customer preference and priorities are always first. We're very timely with our work and never lose attention to detail. Call us today for a free estimate, we look forward to working with you!

Retaining Walls

Brick Work


It is important that property owners like yourself keep their retaining walls on their property in safe conditions all year round.

Why are retaining walls so important?

Because they are permanent, protective structures that separate lower land from higher land. Simply, they are barriers that hold back soil. If it were not for retaining walls, soil would cave in to your home and would slump or slide into a lower area. In addition, they protect your home from flooding during harsh weather conditions. Retaining walls are typically built with stone, brick, cinder blocks or concrete.


Homes built back in the day, may have a damaged or unstable retaining wall. If you're unsure about your retaining wall's safety or strength, get its condition evaluated and make the necessary repairs.


Property owners must maintain the retaining walls on their property. The Department of Buildings issues violations to owners for failing to do so. Be on the safe side and get your retaining walls inspected today. 

For the average homeowner, some brickwork repair jobs are not DIY friendly and may require more time. Repairing brick walkways and patios that are not mortared may be time-consuming.

What causes brickwork to damage?

  • Exposure to Harsh Weather
  • Improper Foundation Work
  • Failure to lay Weed Prevention
  • Chimney  Cap

Harsh Weather Conditions sometimes lead to high rise levels of water, which eventually leads to the damage of brickwork. Moreover, the soil underneath becomes more wet which becomes damaged over time. Proper maintenance with regular pressure washing can extend its life considerably.

Failure to provide good foundation mix will allow the brickwork to deteriorate overtime. For instance, a sidewalk can lead to your bricks eventually sinking which creates a fall hazard.

In addition, not placing weed prevention can cause grass and weeds to grow between bricks.

Lastly, a chimneys cap can deteriorate leading to problems with the brickwork beneath the cap. Regular inspection and repair of your chimney cap can make your chimney last longer before brick replacement is needed.


For extensive brickwork repair or repair in hard-to-access places, it may be best to hire a professional to do the job. This ensures that the repair work will be structurally sound as well as attractive to the eye. Our professional brick masons put effort into matching repair materials as closely as possible.

Older homes may have years of damage to the existing tile-work. If you’ve had a previously bad tile job, the grout can wear out between the tiles. Older tiles or poorly laid tiles can also shift and break, causing your flooring to become a hazard for anyone walking through.

New Tiles Means a Cleaner And More Vibrant Home!

From in-home tiling to outdoor tiling, our experts are professionals in their areas as they will ensure you a phenomenal job done. 

Your bathroom is an area where new tilework is essential in order to preserve cracked or missing tiles that allow moisture to enter, leading to mold growth. It also softens the thinset, which causes more tiles to fall from your walls. If you’re noticing any cracked tiles in your bathroom, contact our team as soon as possible. 

Tile floors are ideal because unlike carpets, tiles don't absorb odors and stains. Tiles are also easier to clean. Our outdoor tiles also come in many different textures and designs that make your life easier. For instance, we can install anti-slip tiles for your family safety. 


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